Tuca - Drácula I Love You

Drácula I Love You

LP / Europe / 2020
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Strongly limited Reissue with the original planned cover (with a wonderful painting of Jeannette Prioli, (co-writerin of 4 songs) in a gatefold sleeve and extensive linernotes.

One of the strangest and most melancholic records of the MPB in the 70s, Dracula, I Love You highlights the intense passion and artistic ambition of singer/songwriter Tuca, that, at the time, was struggling with an unrelated love in France. Having collaborated with great artists such as Erasmo Carlos, Nara Leão and Françoise (who she was close friends with), Tuca remained an enigmatic figure in the rich canon of Brazil's popular music. This record is her absolute best and essential work, bringing in some of the most ambitious songwriting and performances she ever put out in her career. Not only that, but, there are some heavy weights of the country listed in the album's file-page. The songs here sound way different from your average 60s/70s MPB, incorporating clear influences from a handful of styles that go from art-pop to psychedelic-rock, to french chanson and even some avant-garde crazy ideas that are found floating in the rather dense atmosphere crafted by her androgynous voice. One of the most interesting hidden gems of the country's music.




A1 Girl
A2 É Uma Lastima
A3 Prá Você Com Amor
A4 O Sorvete
A5 Oui, Je Suis Heureuse
B1 Drácula I Love You
B2 Ilha Do Quatro Azul
B3 Teia Viva
B4 8-2-7
B5 Tempo Glacial
B6 O Cisne Negro