Ugly Duckling - Moving At Breakneck Speed

Ugly Duckling
Moving At Breakneck Speed

2xLP / US / 2011
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Ugly Duckling is back with their fifth full length album MOVING AT BREAKNECK SPEED. After more than a decade in the music business, Young Einstein, Andy Cooper and Dizzy Dustin are well accustomed to the recording process and for their latest LP the boys dug deep into their bag of tricks to create what they feel is their most dynamic and complete release to date. MOVING AT BREAKNECK SPEED is an exciting and musically exotic, adventure story that has our desperate heroes circling the globe to outrun an evil gang of super criminals determined to put an end to UD once and for all. The record is made up of 14 power packed tracks that showcase Ugly Duckling’s classic production sound and the flavorful, humorously soulful vocal styles of Dizzy and Andy. “By the time you work on your fifth record, you ought to know how to do it, right?” asks Andy. “I think we put all of the pieces together to make a really, really good album”.

Inspired by the extensive touring and constant performing that have taken Ugly Duckling around the world many times over, MOVING AT BREAKNECK SPEED captures the troubadour spirit of a traveling hip hop band. “We’ve always wanted to make an album like this but we needed to do a decade of research first,” jokes Dizzy. “Now that we’ve worn out a couple passports, we can speak about globetrotting.” Einstein chimes in, “When you’re touring for a living it feels like it’s you against the world, and that’s a big part of the new album.”

In terms of production, Ugly Duckling is as solid as ever. Einstein and Andy dug deep into the crates to develop a sound that was both banging and in line with the international themes of MOVING AT BREAKNECK SPEED. “It’s kind of like the soundtrack to an adventure movie but funkier,” says Einstein. Fans of the Ugly Duckling production style will not be disappointed by the new music. All of the tracks are filled with crispy drum loops that support a wide array of boldly melodic and constantly changing arrangements. “We love the power of a good chord progression and we’re always looking for something magical,” beams Andy. “When we come up with a part that sparks our collective imagination, the songs sometimes write themselves”. Ugly Duckling makes music that can lift the listener to another place and with this new LP.

01. Keep Movin’
02. Momemtum
03. $100 Weekend
04. Elevation
05. I Wonder Where She Is Now
06. One-Horse Town
07. Anything Can Happen (In The Big City)
08. How It Used To Be
09. Einstein Buys A Monkey
10. Run For The Light
11. Sprint!
12. Homecoming
13. The Breakneck Theme
14. Endless Summer

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