Ghostface Killah - Ghost Files

Ghostface Killah
Ghost Files

LP / US / 2018-11-30 / X-Ray Records (2)
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Remix album of "Lost Tapes" album. First disc, "Bronze Tape", is remixed by Bronze Nazareth. Second disc, "Propane Tape", is remixed by Agallah.


Bronze Tape
A1 Testify (Intro)
A2 Buckingham Palace
A3 Majestic Accolades
A4 Cold Crush
A5 Put The Ghostface On It (Interlude)
A6 Saigon Velour
B1 Constant Struggle
B2 Done It Again
B3 Reflections Of C.R.E.A.M. (Interlude)
B4 Watch 'Em Holla
B5 Wiseman Liberty (Outro)
B6 Press Rewind
Propane Tape
C1 Testify (Intro)
C2 Buckingham Palace
C3 Majestic Accolades
C4 Cold Crush
C5 Put The Ghostface On It (Interlude)
C6 Saidon Velour
D1 Constant Struggle
D2 Done It Again
D3 Reflections of C.R.E.A.M. (Interlude)
D4 Watch 'Em Holla
D5 Wiseman Liberty (Outro)
D6 Press Rewind (Remix)


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